Cheryl Rings
Cheryl Rings
Cheryl Rings

Cheryl Rings

50 stars for 50 states where people can marry the person they love.

Horse Sayings That You Can Only Say In A Horse Barn Please respect the post, share but don't alter.

Age of a horse using the galvayne grove.

Photo By: Krys Bailey.)

Equestrian style antiques make for great home decorations via A House Romance. #homedecor #equestrian

Zebras - Say Cheese!

Wine Glasses - Polo Horse - Green Saddle Pad - Set of 4

"96 years Smiling" by Diego Mena ---Cuba

Hey..........there's a lump in our water!

Down Syndrome Babies are adorable too....She's simply adorable

Beauty/Laughter keeps you young.