Oh Spiderman…

Avengers Sitcom

I would watch this.

I need the Avengers sitcom. I'll pay for the Avengers sitcom. I'll write the Avengers sitcom.

Oh. My. Gosh. YES. Please

Holy shit

The Marauders: David Tennant as James Potter, Tom Hiddleston as Sirius Black, Benedict Cumberbatch as Remus Lupin and Martin Freeman as Peter Pettigrew! It's perfect! :D - Can we make this a thing?

"British TV and Emotional Damage: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, to name a few." Darn straight, a lot of tears from/for each one!

Harry Potter Spells 1 - I'll need this when I finally get my acceptance letter to Hogwarts... It's really late but I know it must be on it's way. Lol

Harry Potter Spells 1 - I'll need this when I finally get my acceptance letter to Hogwarts. But they forgot Imperio (sorry for spelling that wrong)

THIS^ Forever and Always

This is very true…

"We fell in love with the talent, not with the body: explanation of love for actors. Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston and Martin Freeman and Matt Smith - Sherlock. AND David Tennant!" WE FEEL IN LOVE WITH THEIR SOUL

I want mine to say forget print charming.I got a timelord" Forget Prince Charming.I'm waiting for my TIME LORD". a bit ironic that of mannequin wearing it


A time traveler was here…

Post with 4233 votes and 979957 views. In the UK we put blue plaques to show the homes of famous people, this is my favourite one.

this. is. awesome.

I painted a closet to look like a Tardis

Doctor Who closet, complete with time vortex. If I do this, will it make my closet bigger on the inside? I could use a walk-in closet with a library and a pool. Dylan likes idea for door into room without time vortex

The story of River Song

The story of River Song

Oh the River Song feels .Darn it River! Your story rips my heart out every.time i think about it. Looking at this backwards really shows how she fell in love with the Doctor :'(

12 day of Christmas - a little early/late depending on how you look at it...

12 Days of Christmas Doctor Who style On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a TimeLord in a Blue Box

50 things a Doctor Who fan should know - Imgur

50 things a Doctor Who fan should know

Star Wars My Little Pony - These are awesome!

My Little Star Wars Ponies. I'm never going to like the newer ponies compared to the original ones - I had about 30 in the including some of the first ones ever made. I love Lando Pony's little pornstache.

I will one day own a tardis blue car with this on it :)

This person has won at life (special note, get a blue car, register plate as "CARDIS")