Photography: DIY Equipment

Photography: DIY Equipment

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43 Photography Hacks, Mods And DIY Projects

43 Photography Hacks, Mods And DIY Projects - DIY Photography

Uber Cheap Photography Lighting System

Tutorial for taking photos w/better lighting #photography #lighting #tutorial

Studio Quality Product Photography With a $12 Set Up

DIY photography lighting on a budget!!!

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black foamie thing :: neil van niekerk's intstructions and many uses for the BFT are amazing!!

black foamie thing - Tangents

How to make a reflector board for better lighting in photos

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Creating Professional Photography w/ $30 Reflectors - Photography Lighting Tutorial

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photography tips

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collapsible blanket stand for newborn posing bean bags made out of pvc pipe. I'm so going to make one of these and it's only going to cost me $10 tops!

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way to mount seamless on a rack

Seamless Paper Wall Mount System - DIY Photography

handheld light pointed at reflector... why didn't I think of that!?

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photobooth diy

How to DIY Your Very Own Photo Booth | Weddingbee

"hardwood floor on a paint budget" I'm SURE this isn't as easy as she makes it seem. *read comments*

ToolGirl Mag Ruffman: Plank Flooring for Any Budget

How To Create Your Own Portrait Backdrop

How To Create Your Own Portrait Backdrop

NEED: either these or gloves like this for taking photos outdoors. Conductive silicone pads that allow you to text or use your touch screen devices without taking off your gloves. $9.99

iPhone & Smartphone Accessories | Electronics & Gadgets

diy distressed wood photo backdrop

Food Photography and Styling | Recipe Girl

on my to do list - How to distress wood- colored and natural tutorials. Good photo back drop

DIY Distressed Wood Photo Backdrop | Love and Olive Oil

Brilliant idea: instead of one dedicated camera bag, make this insert instead and move it from bag to bag!

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DIY camera bag!

vanilla & lace: DIY camera purse/bag

Rule of Thirds Necklace. from

35mm Cropper Lets You See the World Through the Rule of Thirds

Make your own backdrop

Photography with Kristen~Make your own backdrop - The Idea Room

Imitation smoke. (baby powder or flour)

Controllable Smoke Makes a Huge Cleaning Tab - DIY Photography

PVC Pipe DIY Photobooth tutorial

Faux-to Booth: PVC Style | Weddingbee

made his own photo studio - i like how he hung his background

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How To Create Your Own Portrait Backdrop

How To Create Your Own Portrait Backdrop