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Cristina Crispino

Cristina Crispino
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Strawberry Coconut Torte - Just coconut cream/milk - which is yummy

Every now-and-then, I find a recipe that I absolutely have to share and Lindt's Strawberry Coconut Torte is one of those recipes. This is a perfect dessert for a perfect occasion such as Mother's Day! Coconut, cream and chocolate.


Looks delish! Raw Vegan CHOCOLATE COCONUT CREAM TORTE ♥ Posted by :Eric Rivkin Bottom Layer Crust 1 cup raw almonds or pecans, soaked 2 hours, rinsed 1 cup fresh or dried finely shredded unsweetene.

Raspberry Chocolate Tart

Raspberry Chocolate Tart ~ while this is the picture of a tart, the recipe in the link is for a TORTE - no crust as in the picture; instead, there are two layers of cake with raspberry filling and ga(Chocolate Strawberries Torte)