Going to the beach to the day makes me happy. It is unbelieveable how much fun you can have when spending a day at the beach. Sunset, so calming.

Within the universe, there is a life giving and creative energy. This energy permeates all of the worlds, dimensions and creations. Some people call this energy the life force, the Logos, the Holy Spirit, god, or the Source. --Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, Contributor Waking Times

The tide is in. I love the colors reflecting and shining on the splashing wave.


Sunset over Mossel Bay, South Africa. BelAfrique your personal travel planner…

Phare du Four dans la tempete, France, By Jean Guichard

Lighthouses of France "Four" during a storm Brittany, France .By Jean Guichard Date: Wednesday, February 2001

Sea of Clouds

Sunset at Varadero Beach, Matanzas, Cuba (by Carl Pan on Travel and Photography from around the world.

Sunset, Pacific Ocean

Beautiful Sun Set Views I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious Sunset , Pacific Ocean Awesome splash sunset - amazing phot.