Matt Bomer

MATT BOMER not Christian grey! He might be playing Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey." Matt Bomer is the star of the USA Network television series White Collar and plays ken in the movie Magic Mike.

Look at that beard! What a beard! A good beard! Oh yeah I like that beard!

A men’s fashion/lifestyle moodboard featuring men’s street style looks, beards and various facial hair styles, tattoo art, inspiring street fashion photography, and clothing from the best menswear labels and streetwear brands.

Men are usually afraid of bold colors and prefer to wear black, grey and dark blue. But in juicy colors they look fantastic, no matter - at home or at work

Vintage jacket by Polo Ralph Lauren, a shirt by B. Oyama NY, sweater by Uniqlo. Pants are from Daffy’s and vintage shoes by Ralph Lauren. Hat is designed by Paul Stuart and pocket square made by Zegna.

- a man bun. There are a lot of variations you can have in a man bun. Some of the man bun hairstyles are mentioned below. Make sure you have a look at beautiful examples of man bun hairstyles at the end.


But I really like the feel of this photo. Maybe it's the boat. Probably is the boat.

The Stylish Gypsy

Esra Sam took photos of Swedish male model Ben Dahlhaus doing a sad face, it soon went viral. Somehow his sad face makes me happy. And I don't even care he has better hair than me.

Liam Hemsworth, as the sexy Brad Silverstone, in the best-selling erotic romance 'The Third Lover'.

Matt Bomer sexy hot guys male celebs celebrities maybe they can convince him to play christian in 50 shades.

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