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Christina Rosalina

Christina Rosalina
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thepsychmind: Fun Psychology facts here! I have read in my dream! Quantum beats your psychology.

I have always done this

of people start imagining & creating scenarios in their heads about things they’d like to happen before falling asleep.YUP EVERY NIGHT

Tiny facts 462 about the human brain and faces. Friggin amazing!

This is actually not totally true. Your mind collects different features of other faces you've seen and then makes that something in your dream. But, yes, every face you've seen can be depicted in your dream again, even if you saw them for a split second.

I'm going to start paying a lot of attention to ppl now

Some of them are true. Most of them are true. If people would notice and understand this it would make my life a lot easier.

Survival tips

The site that deprives you of productivity one minute at a time. Replacing productivity with entertainment since

Don't do these while travelling

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