Ian Curtis (Joy Division)

His Idols were Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Jim Morrison of the Doors, Lou Reed of The Velvet Underground and Nolan Porter. Ian Curtis Lead SInger, Lyricist and Rhythm Guitar pllayer (Joy Division) one of the most influential bands in Moderrn Music.

Ian Curtis

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zombiesenelghetto: Joy Division: Ian Curtis, at the band’s only show in Paris at the Bains Douches Club, photo by Danny Dupic, December 1979

Joy Division Paris, 1979

Joy Division photographed by Pierre René-Worms in Paris,

Bernard Sumner & Ian Curtis - Joy Division

Ian: hey Barney, I could hear the ocean from this wall. Bernard: no, Ian. Ian: but I can smell it. Bernard: *sighs* lay off the LSD, mate

Joy Division

Control, directed by Anton Corbijn and based on the life of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis. Cinematography in this film is truly brilliant.