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If you are looking for a solution to stop the animals invasion of your property you are in the right place. Shake-Away is an easy to use, time-honored solution for getting rid of your unwanted pest.
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Natural Animal Repellents

Rabbits in the United States are represented by fourteen (14) species with cottontails the most widely distributed. They are prolific breeders, in fact, it has been estimated that if all the young from one breeding pair of eastern cottontails were to survive, together with their offspring’s young they could produce 350,000 bunnies in five years!

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Mice! Such a little animal that generates such large emotions. They are experts and finding their way into your home. When they do, the disruption they cause can be substantial. In addition to leaving their trails throughout, the threat of them chewing on your wiring and causing significant damage is real. Don't fear however, the all natural repellent solution to your mouse problem is here.

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Knowing how to get rid of deer wasn’t a top priority in year's past. In the late 19th century deer populations were at a very low point. In the 1930's hunting laws facilitated a comeback across the country. Now populations may be at their highest point in over 100 years. Because of this, your garden or yard may be feeling the effects. Now there is an easy and effective method to get rid of deer, Shake-Away Deer and Large Animal Powder Deer Repellent.

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Even if you are a cat lover, it can be hard to put up with a feline pest using your garden or flowerbed as its own personal litter box. As a fellow cat lover you are most likely looking for a cat repellent that will rid your yard and gardens of pests naturally.

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