some Mondays and Fridays-YES. The moment that you realize that you've been at work for only an hour.

Yup thats me

Funny Weekend Ecard: So much to do. So little desire to do it. " so me right now.

Love her.

Time and time again, Dame Maggie Smith has turned in one solid season after another as our dearest Dowager Countess Lady Violet on Downton Abbey. The strong female characters of the PBS show are multifaceted and flawed, and we see a little of ourselves

LOL...most days!!

Today's mood: Bitchy with a chance of sarcasm. Only today? Every day!


Nw that's what I call productivity. Now, I really need to go do those 6 hours worth of work. In one hour. WHY do I do this to myself haha


A renegade squirrel has escaped from the wheel in my head and is spreading false rumors about the Crazy Competition. Do not be alarmed! The competition is still on! Stay crazy my friends.

Yep! Definitely me

Motherhood: When changing from plaid flannel pj pants into black yoga pants qualifies as 'getting dressed'. And Bekah you can so rock those yoga pants!