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Love all White--Ranunculus, Hydrangea, Tulips, Hyacinth White Weddings. Just white at Weddings. White wedding ideas and inspirations.


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It is so important to give thought what type of wedding bouquet you are going to have for your big day. It is an essential element of your bridal ensemble. Here are 20 amazingly beautiful wedding bouquet ideas for you to get inspired!

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We have a cactus that has flowers like this. It is a 'night-blooming' cactus, since the flowers only bloom at night and barely last for a full 24 hours before wilting. The fragrance is incredible!

Black And Red Wedding Flowers...love it, but why am I looking at wedding stuff?  Lol!

Monique carried a bouquet of dark red roses and black calla lilies. The stems were wrapped in black to match the sash on her gown, which was made by her best friend, Stephanie. Idea for meredith: orange to red roses with calla lillies

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