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Too darn funny...

...please excuse the possible offensive stuff.....And some of these actually sum up me & my eccentricities.... *wink*

Too darn funny...

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Star Trek Humor - Oh my word that's wrong... funny but wrong!


Carry on. I'll watch from a distance. Online Ecards Greeting Cards and Gifts

Best scene in the movie "Pitch Perfect"!!

I am laughing so hard right now!

People need to stop testing me....

What I say in my head all the time *lol*

I'm just returning the favor, sweetie.


So well put....

....and I am one strong Lady.

You / Y'all / All Y'all

A Guide to Southern Grammar

WHY YOU SHOULD NOT RE-READ 50 SHADES OF GREY. or the other really good books you can read instead.

101 Books To Read This Summer Instead of '50 Shades of Grey'

You know you want to laugh!!

  • Kimberly Allen
    Kimberly Allen

    Lol....that's funny.

A Game Of Thrones meme better than "Princess Bride".

A vulcan in the streets... haha

When a person says you are "unique" it may not be a true compliment. *lol*

  • April Croon
    April Croon

    That is totally true!!

  • Elizabeth Arnold
    Elizabeth Arnold

    So...this is what you've meant all this time? Sniff Sniff. Rotfl

Cartoon by Gary Larson. My Boxer never took me seriously either.

Knittaz can be gangster....

The periodic table of texting--useful for middle and high school teachers!

For the Trekkie in all of us....

If a Man is alone in the Woods, and no woman can hear him, is he "still" wrong? Well played Deer Gear; well played.....


You are most welcome....