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Help support an evidence-based study on yoga for eating disorders!

  • Lin T
    Lin T

    LOVE the page! Chelsea has opened my daughter's eyes and given her strength to move on...thank you!

Catholic Leader Says Homosexuality is Unnatural: 5 Pictures to Prove Him Wrong

10 Strange and Little-Known Facts About Charles Darwin

Cute Kitty Responds to Campaign to Kill America's Cats

The New Flu Shot for Babies: PUPPIES!

72-Year-Old Grandpa Becomes China’s Next Top Model

FullBeauty Project Captures Morbidly Obese Women In The Nude (NSWF images)

Who are the 50 million Americans w/o health insurance — are they young, old, rich, poor, educated, too stupid or lazy (as many conservatives often imply) to purchase health insurance?

How I Went From 58 Pounds & Nearly Dead to Healthy, Happy and Loving Life

Evolution, Creation, and the Faux Middle Path

The Science of Female Orgasms: Do Relationships Matter?

My interview with Rupert Sheldrake on Science, Dogma, and the Spirit of Inquiry

My Interview with Deepak Chopra on Consciousness, God, & the Nature of Belief

This mock advertising campaign, from the Dutch non-profit Cordaid, took my breath away. The image conveys the shocking contrast between Western consumerist culture and the realities faced by people who live in “less fortunate” areas of the world.

Death, Transcendence, and the Longing For God

Why Americans Fall in Love with Indian Gurus

"Something about seeing that sickly-proportioned doll’s foot behind her head just makes me cringe. As if the stereotypes of yoga weren’t bad enough already, now kids are implicitly being taught that yoga teachers look like a big-headed Pam Anderson."

  • Kate Macaulay
    Kate Macaulay

    So very sad

Wandering Hands: When Yoga Teachers Act Badly

My interview with Mark Lilly, of Street Yoga

"I am not my turban." #whatibeproject

Gotham's face when I asked him what he plans to share on the Chopra Well. Kidding, kidding. Here's my interview with Gotham, Mallika, and Deepak Chopra about the new Chopra Well.

Is homelessness a problem to be solved? Or a circumstance to be better understood? What do you think?

Chelsea Roff: Is Homelessness a Choice? - Intent Blog

Vogue Pledges Not to Work with Anorexic and Underage Models

In India, Sex Workers Campaign for Their Rights on May Day

Mother Arrested for Taking her 5-Year-Old Daughter Tanning