Artistic boudoir shot I love the lighting to create a whole new idea for silhouette by FOTOGRAFIA BOUDOIR. That is beautiful.

“She waited still, fresh and ready / yet thinking, why am I here alone … / the desire to reach out infuriated her / but those feelings possessed her / so she decided to remain exposed to herself / undoubtedly, the prose in this tense narrative / unraveled a hint of the poetry she wanted for herself” f. wolff

Definitely not on a bed, but in a seductive pose. You wouldn't see the details of her body, but you still focus on her body because her body is essentially all you can see. Also, without the bed setting ha.

Angesichts eines solch perfekt runden #Knackpos stockt einem der Atem :) Hier den #Problemzonen-#Fatburner Nr. 1 bestellen:

I DON'T LIKE THIS PHOTO - The mirror is a good idea but doesn't work here because almost nothing can be seen in the reflection. I don't see the point of using the mirror if nothing is seen in the mirror.