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    If you're not #IN you're #OUT. Crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and crowdinnovation enthusiasts

    Harassmap - crowdsource sexual harassment

    Kickstarter failed projects Infographic

    "...if you ever plan to crowdfund in your life there are very few resources that are going to rank higher than this 50 minute discussion we had with Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina affectionately and professionally known as Joke and Biagio."

    Seedrs is an online platform for investing seed capital.

    View images and photos in CNET's Passersby step into interactive mural (pictures) - The photos project a variety of moods -- whimsical, nostalgic, ponderous, and even threatening.'s report on total number of #crowdfunding platforms worldwide.

    The crowdsourced Volkswagen Hover Car concept.

    Chevy's "crowdsourced" concepts, the Code (top) and Tru (bottom)

    FlyingFlips ~ Awesome FlipFlops with Crowdsourced Designs

    Crowdsourced Project to Promote Bangladesh

    Air Quality Egg - crowdsourced funding for crowdsourced air monitoring.