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Mother's Day Photo Gifts

Give Mom a bouquet that she can treasure long past Mother's Day. Cut pictures into circles and adhere to inside of paper muffin liners. Cut stems from green paper and attach to cardstock. Have everyone in the family make a card for Mom and place in a card


I remember doing this in 7th grade! So much fun. A great way to teach process and steps. Make connections! Have kids write how to make a PBJ sandwich, then demonstrate exactly how they wrote the directions.


11 Stunning Patio Ideas For Under $100

Don't have a beach house out in the Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard (us either)? Well, now you don't need one! You can create a relaxing beach cottage escape right on your own back steps, on a budget too!. Use a nautical themed rug (or paint an old rug with

Cut out students in various poses, blowing leaves, jumping, throwing, etc. Add real leaves, sticks etc to make a big classroom picture

This book reminded me of "It Looked Like Spilt Milk." Children can use their creative minds to create anything out of cotton balls to make it look like a cloud in the sky. As a class, we can also go outside to look at the clouds and see what we can see.

The process of setting up the preschool classroom

The process of setting up the preschool classroom | Teach Preschool This behind the scenes look at how Deborah stores her supplies always makes me green with envy!

Farm Sensory Play Activity for Preschoolers

Farm Sensory Play for Preschoolers - An orange juice container makes a simple grain silo that really loads corn into a toy tractor!

18 Kids Projects For Grandma this Mother's Day

We made these for Mother's Day, they turned out great, kids loved doing them.would be great for anyone, anytime gift!