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Antique Gum & Peanut Machines

Antique Gum & Peanut Machines

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Columbus, Peanut, 1 Cent, 14 inch image courtesy of Brunk Auctions

Master, Gumball, Cast Aluminum, 1 Cent, 16 inch. A circa 1925 Master Gumball one cent vending machine

Columbus, Gumball, Model A3, Cast Iron, 1 Cent. A Columbus Vending Company penny gumball machine with glass globe on cast iron base

Columbus, Gumball, Model A3, Cast Iron, 1 Cent, Restored. A Columbus Model A3 penny gumball machine

Smilin' Sam from Alabam, Peanut Vendor, 1 Cent, 14 inch.A cast aluminum Smilin' Sam one-cent peanut vendor, circa 1931. iimage courtesy of James D. Julia, Inc

Robbins, Empire Vendor, Cast Aluminum, Chrome, 1 Cent.The Empire countertop vending machine made by the A. D

Mansfield's Choice Pepsin Gum, Glass Case, Marquee, 5 Cent. A Mansfield's Pepsin Gum glass case vendor

Mansfield's Choice Pepsin Gum, Glass Case, Marquee, 5 Cent. A Mansfield's Automatic Clerk Choice Pepsin Gum vending machine with marquee

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Mansfield's Choice Pepsin Gum, Glass Case, 5 Cent, 12 inch. A Mansfield Automatic Clerk glass case Pepsin gum machine

Goo Goo Gum Co, Freeport Dragons Peanut Vendor, Cast Iron & Wood.Freeport Dragons peanut vending machine, labeled the Goo Goo Gum Company of Chicago

Freeport Novelty, Freeport Peanut Vendor, Cast Iron & WooFreeport Nut vending machine, cast iron and wood, The Freeport Peanut Vending Machine Made by The Freeport Novelty Company of Freeport, Illinois

Four in One, Candy & Gum, Octagon Globe, Rotating Base, 17 inch A countertop Four in One candy and gum vending machine with octagon globe on rotating base

Columbus, Gumball, Model K1, Cast Iron, 1 Cent A Columbus Model K 1 penny gumball machine with original globe on cast iron base

Columbus, Gum Ball, Model A, 1 Cent, 15 inch A Columbus Model A one cent gumball machine with star embossed globe

Asco, Peanut, Aluminum Case, Cup Dispenser, 5 Cent. An ASCO Hot Nut 5 Cent Peanut vendor with side mount cup dispenser

Advance, Gumball, Cast Iron, 4 Glass Panels, 18 inch. An Advance Machine Company four panel gumball vending machine with cast iron body in original paint

Ad-Lee, Gumball, E-Z Ball Gum, Knock a Home Run Marquee. An Ad-Lee E-Z Ball Gum gumball vending machine with Knock a Home Run marquee

Superior Confections, Gum Ball, 1 Cent, 14 inchA Superior Confections glass globe gumball vending machine

Simpson, Peanut, Castle Top, Cast Iron, 1 CentA Simpson Super Vendor Castle Top peanut vending machine

Simpson, Gumball, Model 123, 1 CentA Simpson Model 123 gumball vendor with original globe

Simpson, Gumball, Bulk Vendor, 1 CentA Simpson penny Bulk Vendor with original decal and globe

Silver King, Peanut, Cylinder Globe, Ruby TopA Silver King Standard Hot Peanut vendor with original ruby glass top & decal

Northwestern, Peanut Vendor, Model 33, Blue, 1 Cent.

Northwestern, Peanut Vendor, Model 33, Black, 1 Cent.A Northwestern Model No