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Well, THAT Was Fun (column)

Pins to share with readers of Well, THAT Was Fun, a humor column in Direct Magazine, in Visalia, CA.

Well, THAT Was Fun (column)

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Workout: Walk Date: Jun 7, 2013 Distance: 1.83 mi Duration: 31:08 Times lapped by turtle: 2


Saturday morning feet by crredwards, via Flickr. "I cannot make up for the time I missed with my children. I cannot undo the damage this year has done to our relationships. I cannot fix what was broken."

Just back away. Now.

I wish I had a print of this to hang in my office.

I want this toy more than I've wanted any toy in my LIFE.

Potato gun, because what could possibly go wrong?

She Has My Nose

I want to give these to the kids as a "farewell supper" to all the lost teeth.

Reindeer Cookies. Which would be fun except that it took me 3 days to convince the littler ones Rudolph wasn't dead last year. "Good news, gang! He's still alive! Now let's eat his head."

Let's celebrate iconic & endangered species by teaching children to eat them.

  • Lucie Melahn
    Lucie Melahn

    the good news is, eagles are off the endangered list now. :)

Boogers on a stick. I defy you come up with a for-realsies kid snack that tastes good but ranks this high on the Gagmometer.

Gross Halloween Party Food | FamilyCorner.comĀ®

Octopus pancakes. Because sometimes we just need to traumatize the Oswald-lovers.

  • Leslie Hancock
    Leslie Hancock

    Sometimes? I make it a goal every hour of every day.

Ordinarily I give them scary food to make them earn the right to have a therapist one day. But these are adorable, and if you know me from around the 'net or from my articles, you'll understand why hedgehog cupcakes got my attention.

"Mommy, can you help me with this?" No kid, I think you're on your own there. Also, you're now your own nightlight. (Uranium included.)