DIY Home Decor | Make a barn door for under $75!

Easy DIY guide to building a barn door from scratch. This would make a much less empty entrance to our front door and foyer.

Shopping list for sliding doors: 4 casters, 4 large eye screws, 2 90-degree elbows, 2 mounting brackets, 2 short pieces of pipe threaded at both ends, and one long piece of pipe that may need to be cut to correct length and re-threaded on the cut end (Lowe's may be able to do that)    Crisp Interiors: The Country Living Sliding Doors

It looks great and it's a nice conversation piece. Used a wooden closet door. Just have to buy the piping and the casters. Crisp Interiors: The Country Living Sliding Doors affordable alternative to hang sliding interior barn doors

Ceiling Mounted Barn Door-same opening type as ours (wall on one side-opening with no frame and no wall on other side)

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DIY barn doors _styleberry_15 Just what I need between my kitchen & dining area

Easy an CHEAP DIY barn door tutorial - the hardware is from a farm supply and crazy inexpensive - industrial cool! For between the bed and office areas in the bedroom