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Wheel of the Year

Wheel of the Year

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7" Black and Blue Moon and Star

7" Black and Blue Moon and Star

A point of perfect balance on the journey through the Wheel of the Year. Night and day are of equal length and in perfect equilibrium - dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, in balance. www.goddessandgre...

The Goddess and the Green Man | Ostara

Brilliant tips and tricks for the home: good witch style. Clever superstitions that are also handy.

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If the stars were mine... I will keep them exactly where they are... but i will save one in my pocket, to enlighten others when life gets dark...

The Home Apothecary. I dream of being this organized in a cool and crunchy way. Useful and beautiful. Love the shelf.

Protective Rune Chain

☆ Witches Brew Tea Recipes ☆

How pretty is this mirror? Create your own with just one spool of jute twine and a 14-inch round mirror.

7 DIY Home Decor Crafts to Make With Rope

Divination: #Tarot.

☆ Witches Ball ☆

Witch’s Ball - fuckyeahitchywitch

Theban Script: The Witches Alphabet

iheartpaganism: Theban Script: The Witches... - Living Witchy

)O( Wicca

Miniature brooms 4 for 1.99. Can we make these?

Make A JuJu, Moppet, Poppet or Magic Doll Step By Step

;;;;;;;;;;;;Kiss kiss dragon;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Full Moons of 2014

Henna Pagan Pride

Sigils for Protection www.psychickerily...

Advanced Magick

Indian corn wreath tutorial.... This is a very informative tutorial which is easy to follow... with beautiful results. Great for a Thanksgiving decoration.

This site has so much Lammas information

pagan holiday lammas blog | Spiritblogger's Blog

PRIAPOS (Roman PRIAPUS) was a rustic God (Theoi Nomioi).The protector of live stock, fruit & vegetables. He's often depicted with an erect penis to symbolise fertility of the garden. Clay statues of Priopus where often placed in garden plots as a fertility offering and to act as a scarecrow.

The corn king, John Barleycorn for us here in Britain, is the god who sacrifices himself for the goddess, for the Land, for the good harvest to come next year. He appears in other traditions around the world, for instance as Adonis, Osiris or Tammuz.