This is awesome.

That was completely worth reading, who would've thought Einstein said all of that. And I agree with him, my faith for God is immeasurable, but it is true❤️🙏

Silver Lab

love this puppy

Silver Labrador: I usually don't pin animals. But, I think i'd love to have a silver lab. We have a white lab now.I think I like unusual animals haha- Beautiful! I have never seen a lab this color!


DIY Budget - You'll spend less when you use cash envelopes! This website has free printable envelopes.- This goes well with the Dave Ramsey class- Financial Peace- taking it now- soooooooo helpful!

Ecc. 4:12 states "a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken"

A 3 crossing wedding band - Ecc. states "a cord of 3 strands is not quickly broken" God, Husband and wife. love the idea of a three strand band. just not exactly this one!

natural spa treatment

The Blender Girl - Natural Spa Treatment: I relax in a nice detox bath several nights a week. It is so relaxing, alkalizing, and detoxifying. I am just about to start Mark Hyman, MD 's new 10 DAY DETOX DIET and he recommends this to end every day of the p

14 days of LOVE treats!  Such a cute idea!

14 days of LOVE treats! Such a cute idea! Instead of doing this just for Valentine's Day, how about every of the month is a special "I REALLY love you' day? Bonus: my husband loves gummy bears! This treat in particular is perfect!


Funny pictures about Hummingbird Close-Up. Oh, and cool pics about Hummingbird Close-Up. Also, Hummingbird Close-Up photos.

Electric blue 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback ~ Love it !!!! <3 ~

Electric blue 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback, I'm not a fan of mustangs but this is one BA ride


How deep is the mud? What mud? I didn't see any mud. Did you see any mud?


Labradoodle-again. Dear Jason, please make my life happy with a doggie for Christmas.


Why Is The Yorkshire Terrier So Popular?

I've been a crazy Yorkshire Terrier owner for about 16 years now and thought I should share a great Yorkie website than I came across. I own 2 gorgeous Yorkshire Terriers at present;