Great end of the year activity - a time capsule the students cannot open until they graduate! So cute!

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Your last week of school ALL PLANNED OUT FOR YOU! Talk about a STRESS FREE and FUN end to your school year. Your students will love the reading, writing, math, art, crafts, activities, and snacks during the last week of school. And you will LOVE that you can enjoy these last days with your students as they continue learning in a fun and engaging way.

Rock and Soil Day - Meet My Pet Rock from Elementary Nerd on (10 pages) - End of unit project for rocks and soil! 1st and 2nd grade pet rock project!

Last day of school activity! Have your kids sit in a large circle and pass the beach ball around. Whichever question/activity their thumb lands on is the one they do!

Time Capsule OR A Snapshot in the Life of ME! Time Capsule activities are perfect for nearing the end of the year. There is about two weeks worth of activities in this comprehensive packet. Happy Time Capsule!

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