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Curiosities / Oddites

All weired , creepy , strange , sad , bizzare , odd things!!!

Curiosities / Oddites

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A general of the Volkssturm lies on the floor of city hall in Leipzig, Germany with a torn picture of the fuehrer, after committing suicide rather than face U.S. Army troops who captured the city on April 19, 1945.

Mother comforts her boy, hurt in Hiroshima bombing - WWII

Patient of the Karl-Bonhoeffer-Nevenklinik getting an electro shoc, 1930's. No © needed.

Maggot infestation I think im going to hurl

Bee Stings

Decellularization is a tissue engineering technique designed to strip out the cells from a donor organ, leaving nothing but connective tissue that used to hold the cells in place. This scaffold of connective tissue - called a "ghost organ" for its pale and almost translucent appearance - can then be reseeded with a patient's own cells, with the goal of regenerating an organ that can be transplanted into the patient without fear of tissue rejection.This is in the experimental stage.


This person has a live infection.

Some of the most bizarre X-Rays…

Some of the most bizarre X-Rays…

In 1930, a Chinese farmer from Manchukuo was discovered by an expat Russian banker. The Russian was able to take a picture of the man and he sent the snapshot off to Robert Ripley of ‘Believe It Or Not!’ fame. Known only as Wang, or sometimes referred to as Weng, the farmer was normal in every respect except fot the fact that he possessed a fourteen-inch spire-like horn growing from the back of his head. Wang disappeared from the public eye in the early 1930′s and was never heard from again.

Unusual People: HORNED HUMANS – Wang the Human Unicorn

Jan 18, 2013 – Woman With World’s Biggest Hips, Mikel Ruffinelli. Bootylicious takes on a whole new meaning in relation to Mikel Ruffinelli – the mum-of-four has the biggest hips in the world, measuring a staggering 8ft in circumference. Mikel – who tips the scales at 30st – insists she’s proud of her shape, scoffing 3,000 calories a day to keep her “booty” in perfect condition.

Thai monk with Von Recklinghausen disease

Progeria Disease 1


Cannibal Colonists Devoured 14-Year-Old Girl At Jamestown Archaeologists have discovered physical evidence of cannibalism at Jamestown colony — the butchered remains of a 14-year-old girl.

Cannibal Colonists Devoured 14-Year-Old Girl At Jamestown

thermal burn from hot water

Behind the face

Marfan syndrome, a hereditary disorder of connective tissue, resulting in abnormally long and thin digits, and also frequently in optical and cardiovascular defects.

Necrosis after vipera bite

These eyes have seen a nuclear sad

n Guizhou, China, a 64-year-old man has a bizarre facial anomaly. According to the article, at the age of eleven, while in the mountains, he was licked in the face by a wolf and was supposedly infected by something, causing his facial disfigurement over time.

This is a photo of the remains of the Two-Headed Boy of Bengal. It currently resides in the Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of London, because when the boy's parents refused to donate his body after he died from a cobra bite at the age of 4, the English courageously dug him up and chopped his head off. For science.

15 Mind-Blowing Old-Timey Photos You Won't Believe Are Real

Pitted keratolysis ~

School of medicine graduating class in the 1940's....why in the hell are they holding dead babies.

Brachymetatarsia: short fourth metatarsal

The spine of untreated severe scoliosis