My take on Krazy Kool summer end of year gift for classmates...I found krazy straws a 6 pack at the dollar tree...and then got the Kool- aid singles at Walmart for $2 for a 12 pack...we stock up water so I had them laying around...I used another pinners tag template....super easy and cheap! I think I spent maybe $8 for 18 of them! :)

How does a mother grow close with her daughter? How do you get to know her heart? Here are 21 thoughtful questions she really needs you to ask!

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS PARTY!!! This is a great way to end your VBS at church! Have the kids go out into the community to show others what it means to be loved by God and teach your kids how to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Make storytime more magical with a personalized book from Lost My Name. The wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated personalized book takes your child on an adventure to find their missing name, collecting letters off the exciting characters they meet. Each book is made to order and personalized so it’s unique and special to your child. Receive free shipping when you order today.

Yarn and tape a hallway for a "laser obstacle course". That will keep 'em busy for a couple of hours.

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