this is too op..Christmas Cards here we come!!  #lulusholiday

Brit Morin on

family photo great for Christmas photo Christmas card idea. Tell what everyone is doing Great photo idea & Christmas card idea! Christmas ca.

S’mores hot chocolate!  #lulusholiday

S'mores Hot Chocolate

S’mores Hot Chocolate. Dude, I don't even like marshmallows and I'd make this. She says it's yummy, too, if S'mores Hot Chocolate isn't your idea of kitchen artwork.

DIY: Use Mod Podge and Martha Stewart Glitter to create these gorgeous candles #lulusholiday

DIY: Glitter Candle tutorial (using Mod Podge & glitter). What if we did this with baby food jars or something like that? It would hide the "fake" candles we have to use but be simply and pretty and add some pizazz & maybe some gold if you want.

Baby Sperrys  #lulusholiday

Farewell letter from

Christmas Tutu / Santa Baby Tutu   #lulusholiday

Christmas Tutu / Santa Baby Tutu Dress

Christmas Tutu / Santa Baby Tutu Dress by ManaiaBabyDesigns. Cute idea since she is a December baby.

Baby boy's winter shopping attire =]  #lulusholiday

Over 248 people liked this! Little Boy Fashion so cute love the little beanie.I want little hipster babies!

kid streetstyle fashion..for the Princess  #lulusholiay

the CoOl Kids - Love the jeans! Moms: You could do this yourself to a pair that is just about too small to use in their photo session to add some extra styling!

Mr. Man's Double Breasted Slim Fitting Wool Coat with Red Collar...I think so!  #lulusholiday

Men's Double Breasted Slim Fitting Wool Coat with Red Collar.My style

There's hope for the next generation yet!  #lulusholiday

I had twins June They are the joy in our life. We dislike a lot of baby clothing and dress our boys in little man outfits. So, this site is for people who like baby fashion and style.