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4 Essential Commands To Teach Your Puppy

Along with spoiling your new pup, it's always a good idea to start teaching commands early. See the 4 essential commands to teach your puppy.

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TOP 10 Best Dog Breeds For A Family With Kids

TOP 10 Best Dog Breeds For A Family With Kids - Old English Sheepdog

Essential Oils for Dogs

How to safely use essential oils with dogs | Visit for what your furry friend needs!

Teach Dog to Ring Bell - This really does work! We taught August this. While they are a puppy when letting them outside to go potty be consistent in ringing the bell before you open the door to let them out. They will then catch on quick that is how they get to go. Be for-warned though the older they get they will consistently ring the bell not only to go potty but just to go outside and play.