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What Should I Plant Together?

Look here for ideas and inspiring galleries of combined flower and plant varieties. Create a colorful flower garden full of roses, lilies, daffodils, perennials and annuals by using our helpful guidelines for pairing plants.

Perennials Made Easy! How To Create Amazing Gardens

Haha, I think this Perennials Made Easy post was written just for me! My gardens are SO boring, and I've been wanting to learn how to spruce them up, so this is perfect timing. So many amazing tips in this post, I can't wait to go plant shopping!

The Best Perennials for Shade

You'll love these easy-growing and shade-loving perennials. Try some of our favorites, such as the toad lily, hosta, or wild ginger. Bring some color and beauty to your yard or garden, and enjoy pretty flowers and foliage year after year.

6 Steps to a No-Work Cottage Garden

Cottage gardens are gorgeous, and you can create one without a ton of work. The relaxed, colorful garden vibe can be easily achieved. Follow our simple steps, like starting small and investing in soil, to create a beautiful garden. Check out the rest of these awesome tips and tricks!