oreos and hunger games? two of my favorite things in life. haha the oreo games! my kinda game!

Haha. Hunger Games

"Keep calm and throw a tracker jackers' nest at the careers" LMAO.gotta read the book to understand

Wait...does it?

I'm totally from the Capitol. (I did use to live in Denver which is where many believe the Capitol is!

Hunger Games inspired eye for District 12.  So recreating this!

Hunger Games District 12 inspired makeup -- This is the first Hunger Games inspired make-up I've seen.


A parody of Adele's Set Fire to The Rain. Sang by Peeta Mellark. x) Set Fire to The Bread ~ Hunger Games Parody x)

REVOLUTION (The Hunger Games Characters In Beatles Lyrics) click to see the lyrics! it's actually pretty cool someone took the time to find a lot of the characters in Beatles songs.

[the characters of the hunger games, described with Beatles songs] Because I like to apply the Beatles to everything.

I'm so sorry, but you are not Peeta Mellark.

Free and Funny Flirting Ecard: Your inappropriateness has no boundaries. I like that shit.