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Escape Rooms in the Classroom

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Working with Dilations • Activity Builder by Desmos

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My memory for this kind of thing was much better back in high school, but this still could have been helpful for those pesky reference angles!

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Best math apps for older kids: Hands-On Equations app

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Dan Meyer's Three-Act Math Tasks

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Scale Drawing Dilation Activity

Perfect poster for a math classroom.

Simplifying Radicals: Escape Room - Classroom Style plus more classroom games

Similar Triangles Worksheet with QR Codes - FREE!

Similar Triangles Worksheet with QR Codes - FREE! by Teaching High School Math!

How Did They Make Ms. Pac-Man? -- Concept: Transformations (Rotations, Reflections, and Translations) -- CCSS Standards: 8.G.1, 8.G.2, 8.G.3, 8.G.4, G-SRT.2, G-CO.6, G-CO.7