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    Kindergarten Literacy Activities

    Kindergarten Literacy Activities

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    Some people use this as a sight word chant; I use it for syllables too. The kids love it! :-) This is a free download.

    Miss Kindergarten: Sight Word Chant

    Letter craft for each letter of the alphabet! Uppercase and lowercase letter! So cute!

    The Princess and the Tot: Letter Crafts - Uppercase & Lowercase

    Simple DIY Building Words Center

    Apples and ABC's: Simple DIY Building Words Center

    This is the great for understanding the progression of a child's writing. Those little scribbles really do add up! :)

    Write On! – Week 30

    Immy is well and truly on the road to learning to read, arriving home from school with her very first beginning reader last week! As I have shared previously, learning to automatically recognise high frequency sight words is an important part of this process as automatic recall positively influences reading fluency, which in turn aids clearer comprehension. Providing lots of opportunity for children to revisit sight words is important to the development of automatic recall but this repetition doesn't have to be boring, in fact the 50 sight word activity ideas included in this list are most definitely not boring! These fun and playful ideas include something for everyone - for those who like to be physically active to those who like a side of creativity with their learning, there's something for the child who loves a cognitive challenge and for the one who learns best through co-operative games - the list includes suggestions suitable for all types of learners. 50 Playful Sight Words

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    Time Saving/No Prep/ Student-made BINGO boards Demonstrate how to make 2 lines down and 2 across, all the way to the edges. It doesn't really matter if the lines aren't perfectly. Just have them count their spaces to make sure they have nine. They choose their words to write in the nine spaces referring to your word wall. We play blackout Bingo until one student "wins". The prize is the privilege of reading all of their words to the class! Do it with letters, sounds, CVC words numbers.

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    Kindergarten: Guided writing - - Step by Step

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    Letter and sound fluency- timer for 1-2 minutes to get through the stack.

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    sight word practice

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    SYLLABLE CLAP, STOMP, STEP! - Dr. Jean & Friends. This post has lots of nice ideas for teaching children to count the number of syllables in a word through active methods.

    SYLLABLE CLAP, STOMP, STEP! - Dr. Jean & Friends

    Sight Word Sticks are FUN!

    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Highlights of our Learning Launch!

    Writing Rubric. love that this has so many visuals!!!

    Kindergarten Writing Journal Rubric.pdf

    FREE CVC Cut and Paste Picture Sorting--Short A and Short I Compared

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    Teaching With Love and Laughter: Word Wall Activities Linky Party

    Teaching With Love and Laughter: Word Wall Activities Linky Party

    Word Wall Activities 3

    What the Teacher Wants!: Word Wall Centers/Activities

    REALLY? Did you know that placing a red dot in the middle of words can help children see the whole word? Try it for students who just look at the beginning of words and then guess.

    How to Teach Sight Words

    see a sample of the packet up close and get a {FREE rhyming worksheet} with it, just click to pic it up!

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    The Moffatt Girls: CVC Packet (Color, Cut and Paste!) A very hands-on way to learn, practice and reinforce simple CVC words! $

    The Moffatt Girls: CVC Packet

    Freebie sight word center

    Mrs. Plant's Press: Workshops {Literacy Centers}
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      Simone WS

      Marzena Carpenter

    free printable packs from In Lieu of Preschool to go along with BOB Books for beginning readers

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    Morning message ideas. Neat! Use one student's name each day.

    Growing Kinders: Daily News + A Sale!

    Freebielicious: CVC Word Search

    Freebielicious: CVC Word Search

    Kindergarten literacy center ideas! $

    Little Minds at Work: Literacy Centers Super Pack #2

    Zap It...a game I learned in grad school. Put high frequency words on sticks (these are foam sticks) and write zap it on a few sticks. The kids pull sticks from a container and read the words. If someone gets Zap It, all of the sticks go back in the bin.

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      Kathy Prough

      This game could be modified to use basic math facts.

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      Laura Joly

      Really want to try this- "zap it" is catchy and kids LOVE that!

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      Tahani Shanee

      This is really cute!

    • Kady Carter
      Kady Carter

      My Kindergarteners are crazy about this game! Great word wall practice!

    Have a beginning reader? Here are FREE BOB Books Printables for Beginning Readers: Set 1, Book 1 Mat and Book 2 Sam + links to 5 other collaborators' FREE printables!

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