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Home Security

Making your home safe.

Home Security

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After getting burglarized, this gal shares practical ways that she now makes her home less desirable to thieves. Some are SUPER easy to do!

DIY How to Choose and Install Motion Detector Lighting

How to Choose and Install Motion Detector Lighting

Low Tech, High Security Perimeter Alarm | Survival Life - Survival Life | Preppers | Survival Gear | Blog

Low Tech, High Security Perimeter Alarm | Survival Life

Never underestimate the value of a great lock. Lock the track of your garage.

Garage Security Tips

Home Security Tips. Visit :

Zen Home Security Page

Lock the track on your homes garage door when you go away on vacation. First heard this idea from my dad!

Home security on a budget

Home security on a budget

Here are some very useful tips and tricks on how to secure your home and keep it safe from burglars!

How to Prevent Burglary - Infographic - Protect Your Home!

How to Reinforce Doors: Entry Door and Lock Reinforcements Three simple upgrades to improve door security

How to Reinforce Doors: Entry Door and Lock Reinforcements

Avoid Being Targeted: Common Home Security Mistakes

How to Install home security lighting

  • Paul Bear
    Paul Bear

    What we need here is a good DIY article on harnessing those motion sensors to activate cameras, not just lights. That would be a real boon to home security because it would not take a million gigabytes of film to record everything--just the moments when moving things entered the line of sight of the camera. Paul |

How to Reinforce Door with Knob: Wrap-around metal plates strengthen exterior doors against break-ins.

How to Reinforce Doors: Entry Door and Lock Reinforcements -- wish I'd done this to my old door in Philly... which I broke by accident. Whoops...

Home+Theft+Protection:+Secure+Your+Garage The tip about putting a timer on your garage door is the bomb

Garage Security Tips - How to Burglar-proof Your Garage ~~ Garage doors are traditionally weak links in garage security, giving thieves easy access to your home. Use these tips to burglar-proof your garage door.

Safe Home Security Tips: Keep your home and your loved ones safe—even If you don't have an expensive home security system.

Chick-a-Dee photoelectric smoke detector/smoke alarm

The Motion Tracking Security Light - Hammacher Schlemmer

FEMA Door Restraint System I like this!!

Great to hear it's so easy and inexpensive to get a whole-house security system! Helpful tips on how to shop for and install one!

  • Phyllis Schwarts
    Phyllis Schwarts

    Nothing is more important than feeling safe and secure in your own home. That is exactly what home protection littleton co wants you to feel. Be sure to call or stop by with any questions or concerns you might have. It is worth investing in your home, and your security, call them today.

Fire Escape Ladder : built in between the studs of every room second level or higher room.

Super Grip Lock Deadbolt strap is a dead end for intruders! Door can't be opened, even with a key. Great for weekends home alone. I want one

How to Install Security Cameras in Your Home #stepbystep

Safety Tip #10: Invest in a home security system. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, nine out of 10 convicted burglars agreed they'd avoid a house protected by an alarm system. Display security company signs and decals as a deterrent. Sincerely, ADT Security Services #staysafe