Going away party ideas

Going away party ideas

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Party Portions

La Dolce Vita: Raising the Bar



b e l l e s & b o w s


I can't wait to try these carrots! Roast in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes with some seasoning and a little olive oil. Then drizzle with about 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 3 tablespoons of honey, and about 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar. Pop them back into the oven for about 5 more minutes.

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Shot Roulette. Not all the shots are alcoholic

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  • Ashley Stang
    Ashley Stang

    Sounds like something to do on New year's eve!

Fabric squares, paint and a stencil - custom banner

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Take away the girly wings and add raggedy ones, and all of a sudden you're in chapter 16 of the Sorcerer's Stone

Where Moms Get The Skinny On Healthy Living


Let's be honest, every girl has wanted to do this since she first saw it on The Princess Diaries.

Assignment 02 Proposal – Erica | Future CNC

  • Mahmoud El-Tanbouly
    Mahmoud El-Tanbouly

    to do what ? sorry , what is this ? :D

  • Brenda True
    Brenda True

    The balloons have paint in them. You throw darts at the ballons, they pop, instant art.

  • Gabe Collins
    Gabe Collins

    how... do you know... I've always wanted to do that!

Photos hanging from balloons to create a chandelier over a party table

Glamorous Surprise Backyard Bridal Shower

  • Glenda Allen
    Glenda Allen

    Love it

Awesome! WHAT YOU NEED 2 liters Gin or Vodka 9 Liters Tonic Water 3-4 Bottles Roses Mojito Passion, OR 3-4 Canisters of Pink-Lemonade Concentrate Ice INSTRUCTIONS Mix all ingredients together shortly before the party begins. Add ice as late as possible before drinking. Colors come to life under a black light. Drinkin some universes!

Aurora Jungle-Juice

  • Tamara Bidari
    Tamara Bidari

    can be drunk? :o

Why didnt I think if that ? Tie squares of tulle fabric along a string of Christmas lights. This would be beautiful on a tree or mantle.#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Hayseed Homemakin': Firefly Christmas Lights


Cover a light bulb with a doily and spray paint it. The light will shine the pattern onto the walls.

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  • Cody Hart
    Cody Hart


Photography/photoshop tutorials

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diy glow in the dark bubbles



blog w/ millions of party ideas.

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cute little cakes

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  • Karla Walther
    Karla Walther

    Shower idea...

Flour Hearts on the way to the reception or ceremony

Guerrilla Weddings: How To Make Flour Hearts Anywhere


cool neon birthday cake

10 Wedding Cakes for Inspiration


DIY Ombre curtains for our back porch :) - Click image to find more hot Pinterest pins

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Cocktail Party Invitations

Cocktail Invite by Rifle Co. | DIY Projects | 100 Layer Cake


Buy a box of glow sticks, cut off one end & pour into the jar. Seal with a lid and shake to coat the inside. Voila! Instant lantern.

Perpetually Engaged: mason jar lanterns

  • Sarah Sherriffs
    Sarah Sherriffs

    Except these are done with Mason jars, tissue paper and tea lights.

Baking Soda & Vinegar to blow up balloons without helium

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  • Leslie Pelon
    Leslie Pelon

    tried it, doesn't work :( sad days.

Lace and Pearl Mason Jars

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Going Away Party invitations

Going Away Party Invitations


"faux-to booth" photo booth backdrops

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some decor

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