Dexter Season 3

I heart Deb!

Dexter Season Two

Dexter and Deb talking about Lyla

Dexter Season Four

dexter loved this season

Power Rangers

Power Rangers

Dexter Season Three

Dexter and Deb Morgan


dexter God, Jennifer Carpenter is a BAMF at these types of scenes.

Dexter Season Five

Dexter hahah just watched this one today!<< Debra's got the best brows

Debra Morgan

Funny pictures about Debra Morgan expanding your vocabulary. Oh, and cool pics about Debra Morgan expanding your vocabulary. Also, Debra Morgan expanding your vocabulary.


Dexter and Rita, after Dexter gave Rita a bread maker as a present.

Series finale of Dexter...the absolute worst. I literally cried for days.

I guess Dexter Series Finale is one of the most realistic yet tragic ending for a TV show about anti-hero character :")

Dexter Season Two

Dexter Quotes - Lila likes the little things in life. Masuka is there to please.

Dexter Season Two

This head butt was the coolest part of the entire series


Dexter - Debra and Quinn

Tony Almeida; Season 1 of 24

Milo and Tony, Season 1

Power Rangers

Power Rangers Minimalism by on Newgrounds

Dexter and Deb Morgan (Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter)

'Dexter': Season 8 Pics!

Michael C Hall Jennifer Carpenter --- Dexter and Debra Morgan :)