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This project correlates with my unit on forces and motion in my physical science middle school class. Over a span of three days, students design a car that will protect a raw egg from breaking when it hits the ground after being on a ramp. The students will then test and modify their design.

Bill Nye Motion Guide Sheet

This 14 question guide sheet provides a way for students to follow along with the Bill Nye Motion video. The questions are all fill-in-the-blank. The video and worksheet cover the following concepts: force, motion, inertia, mass, weight, F=ma, Newton's Laws of Motion.

Newton's 2nd Law of Motion - Squeeze Bottle Strong Man Game (Almost Unschoolers)

Newton's 2nd Law of Motion - Squeeze Bottle Strong Man Game | Almost Unschoolers | Bloglovin’

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion - Knocking Down Milk Caps (Almost Unschoolers)

Newton's Laws of Motion Review Activity

This lesson allows students to review Newton's Three Laws of Motion through a cooperative learning activity. Students rotate through three differen...

Newton's Laws of Motion Card Sort

Newton's Laws Card Sort. This card sort is a great activity that will challenge your students to identify and categorize all 3 of Newton's Laws.