Literary Elements. CSLP 2014

Literary Elements is the 2014 Collaborative Summer Library Program Adult slogan. The overall theme for 2014 is SCIENCE. These Pins are additional ideas that may fit with this summer reading theme. ~ Please note that the Collaborative Summer Library Program does not endorse or assume responsibility for any content available through hyperlinks to other websites posted on this page.
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Honey Lavender Homemade Relaxing Bath Melts - Only costs $0.20 each to make!! Craft idea for teen Summer Reading 2014

Doctor Who Van Gogh Starry Night TARDIS art print. This could be a fun adult or teen library program for Dr. Who fans. Set it up Cofee and Canvas style with an instructor. Enjoy!

DIY Faux Tin Tiles

scrub recipes

Draw a design on a canvas with a pencil, then with Elmer's glue. When the glue is dry, paint over it.

Seed Paper Tutorial

Collaborative Summer Library Program Adult Slogan 2014: Literaary Elements

ThinkGeek :: Stand Back (Science) Shirt.