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the only one

you must go beyond them.

love her physique

A short video of Jamie Eason's fitness philosphies

Nike free runs, slowly getting closer to barefoots

  • Cassie Micona
    Cassie Micona

    i love those shoes !

If you like to have protein bars for on the go (like me), these Vega Sport bars (sustain) are a really good choice. My new fave! A lot of other protein bars have a fair amount fat/sugar...vega sport are plant-based and one of the better options!

Read this if you: 1) lift weights 2) want learn more about drop-sets 3) want to get more jacked! (Thanks to Jamie Eason for sharing this)

There are always people who will try and bring you down for your healthy lifestyle...just keep your focus and pay no attention to the haters and wannabe's!

  • Angel Bernahl
    Angel Bernahl

    Angela Lisac

I've seen this a few times and finally decided to repin it. I love that I have strong legs-so what if they're big? I get so tired of these girls that put the skinniest girls onto their "FITNESS" boards and say "I want this bod" or "Thinspiration"...I feel like commenting and saying...THESE TWIG LEGS ARE NOT FIT...but then I calm down and go to the gym and squat more weight :)

Remember this

Yoga by Equinox. This is extremely impressive to me

Vanessa Tib is another woman in the fitness industry I look up to. She lifts heavy, eats clean, and doesn't spend hours on a likey

Two words: Tabata Baby. Tabata is an intense form of exercise that I sometimes do in the summer when training with my fire crew. This is what a tabata workout looks like: • 20 seconds of intense training • 10 seconds of rest • Total of 8 sessions, lasts 4 minutes. We do it with pushups and situps, but there is so much more you can do. Give the article a read if you think it's something you'd be into.

This is a killer burpee workout I like to do when I am getting bored of my regular routine and need a change. It takes me just under 15 minutes to complete and I am drenched in sweat when it's over. I always try to do it faster than my last time. Give it a go and see how long it takes you. Just watch the video, write down the exercises on a cue card and take it to the gym.

Jamie Eason is a fitness and nutrition idol of mine, here is her 12 week LiveFit program-a must do. I am currently doing Phase 3 workouts-they are intense and I love it. If you don't want to follow her program (for some unknown reason!), my advice is to pick and choose some of her regimes in this and work them into your own routine.

if you want to look good naked, don't just do cardio...lift to sculpt your muscles

Adopt this motto and you will build muscle, lose fat and burn more calories at rest. Who wouldn't want that?

This picture speaks for itself.

Strong and Beautiful. A photo I came across - She looks like she could kick some a** and look good doing it.