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Save the Oceans!

Please join this community board to raise awareness of the plight of our oceans. Aquariums, dive/travel orgs, individuals are welcome to PIN relevant (and unduplicated please) pins on the plight of our oceans and its denizens, new and ongoing projects, PET recycling, good and bad news. Let's spread the word! Want to join? Just ask in a comment on one of my pins. #save-the-oceans #oceans #pollution #environment #marine-environment #coral #sharks #PET

Save the Oceans!

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Great video showing the habits of the leatherback turtles

Let This Fishing Continue And The Oceans Will Be A Dead Zone

Find out how the Vaquita could be saved by drones on the Wildlife Earth Website

Polluting Politics: Koch Industries and Others Spend Millions to Gut Clean Water Act Protections! - "A new report from Environment America, Polluting Politics: Political Spending by Companies Dumping Toxics in our Waters, shows opponents to the CWA are spending significant amounts of money to act against the public interest."

Using satellites to detect acidification of the seas may help preserve marine mammals and fisheries.

SPEAK OUT! Tell President Obama: Make the Arctic off limits to oil drilling! Shell is planning to begin drilling in the U.S. Arctic Ocean this summer, putting Alaskan wildlife and the world's climate at risk. AN OIL SPILL WOULD BE DEVEASTATING! No technology currently exists to clean up oil spilled in these frozen waters. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE VIRALLY IN PROTEST!

Let's Keep Seahorses in the Sea

Scientists have found a 10 million gallon 'bath mat' of oil on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico via Business Insider (2-4-15)....Wake up to what is happening to YOUR world!!!!!

It’s time to STOP the exploding train MADNESS! PLZ Sign and Share! 1) 2) action.forestethi...

Vaquitas saved by drones? Find out why and how on the Wildlife Earth website Check this out!

Oceans need your help against the destructive forces of unsustainable fishing, finning, mining, drilling, pollution and climate change. A global network of ocean sanctuaries will breathe life back into our oceans and creating a safe haven for all ocean creatures. Send an SOS: Urge world's leaders to support ocean sanctuaries at the United Nations. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE WIDELY IN SOLIDARITY!

WWF-New Zealand has teamed up with Alphero to launch a mobile app. Check it out!

Join me in protecting America's coasts! We should be investing in clean, renewable energy, not risking our unspoiled Arctic and the densely populated Eastern Seaboard just to lock in new sources of carbon pollution fueling climate change. Urge Secretary Jewell to keep our Arctic and Atlantic waters out of Big Oil's hands.

Four years after one of the worst environmental catastrophes in U.S. history, the gulf oil disaster is far from over.

The Toxic Profits of Shrimp Farming and Tin Mining - "Aquaculture promotes itself as a sustainable solution to overfishing. But in reality, seafood farms cause as many problems as they solve, and are likely making matters even worse."

Tell Seafood Companies to Stop Supporting Iceland's Endangered Fin Whale Hunt! Let these CEO's know that you are concerned that their companies are supporting the slaughter of endangered and internationally protected fin whales. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE WIDELY!

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - "About 140 pilot whales that stranded themselves on a remote stretch of New Zealand beach have died, but conservation workers and volunteers are hoping the remaining 60 or so will survive after they managed to get them refloated, an official said Saturday."

*** PLS SIGN AND SHARE *** Stop the Faroe Island Whale Slaughter! - The Petition Site

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Stop Slaughter of Endangered Pink Dolphin In Amazon

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Today, thousands of people around the world are joining their voices together in a call for compassion for dolphins being brutally captured and killed in Taiji, Japan. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s second annual “World Love for Dolphins Day” will bring the world’s love and reverence for dolphins to “Japan’s doorstep” at Japanese embassies and consulates across the U.S. and overseas.

(1) Overpopulation: One of the biggest environmental problems we face today is overpopulation. The current population will continue to use the Earth’s resources, decimating the land and wreaking havoc on the natural biodiversity of the Earth. Not only are we draining the Earth’s freshwater supplies, we are eradicating many species of animals and plant life, as well as completely filling landfills and waterways with toxic waste.

The U.S. Navy wants to release 720 sonobuoys into the Pacific Ocean despite warnings that they may harm endangered marine life. Ask the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to deny this request unless the technology is deemed safe. PLZ SIGN AND SHARE WIDELY IN PROTEST!

Don't Electrocute Sea Life in the Name of "Science"! - Care2 News Network

The powerful before-and-after photographs below were shared as evidence of ocean acidification at the 2012 International Coral Reef Symposium in Australia. Please help spread awareness about ocean acidification by pinning these before-and-after photos and starting the conversation about ocean conservation. #OceanAcidification