Planex MZK-KR150N Wall Wi-Fi Router

"An in-wall Wi-Fi router" This could be used for small spaces or to extend the range of existing wifi networks. Perfect for any nerd that needs top notch wi-fi in every room.

The group behind the OLED display technology was showing off this pretty neat concept laptop that features a see-through AMOLED display. Anyone who’s ever had to look around their laptop screen in order to see their TV will immediately see the benefits

Latest cool gadgets – [CES Concept Laptop With Transparent AMOLED Display – Coolest new electronic technology gadgets

iPhone Slideout Keyboard Case.. i wish i had one for my phone :/

Sharper Image iPhone Slideout Keyboard Case Multiply the functionality of your iPhone with a case that transforms it with a slide-out, landscape QWERTY tactile keyboard