To the warmth of the fireside. I'll do it metaphorically till I learn to keep the literal wood burning stove fire burning.


Watching Movies in Pic 1 : Drive In movie, rear view of young couple snuggling behind the wheel of his convertible at a drive-in movie theater. Photo by J. Los Angeles, Pic 2 : Teenage couple hold each other in a movie theater.

I would always wrap up Tessa's gift, but could not put it under the tree until Christmas morning. She would always know which one was her's and only open it. She was the most precious girl. Christmas morning is not the same.

Get "In Hell I'll Be In Good Company" now on: iTunes - Google Play - Spotify - htt...

Is The Dead South’s ‘In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company’ bluegrass or not?


Water Ski - Picture of Zanzibar Parasailing, Nungwi - TripAdvisor

Ajax Diner (Oxford, Mississippi)

Eli Manning’s Ole Miss Lunch Spot

Whenever he's back in Oxford, Mississippi, two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning eats at Ajax Diner.

ole-timey microphones

I want this for my all most recording studio in the future ;D hint hint, Krane Krane Fryer


My parents actually don't go into my room very much thank god