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Temptation at Checkout

Temptation at Checkout

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Target: more batteries and less junk food at checkout, please! (Target, Falls Church, VA, 3/15)

Old Navy pushes candy on its customers at checkout. (Old Navy, Hopkins, MN, 11/14) Photo courtesy of the Public Health Law Center.

  • Kerri Rush
    Kerri Rush

    I never understood this. Its a clothing store!

REI gets mixed grades on checkout. (REI, Tysons Corner, VA, 11/14)

The new year brings healthy changes to Tesco, the UK's biggest grocery chain. Now 100% of all the checkouts in all Tesco stores are candy-free and soda-free.

At Jewel Osco, customers need to run a gauntlet of Pop Chips, Kettle Chips, and sweets before they get to the register. (Jewel Osco, Highland Park, IL, 11/14)

Printer paper and a ... Coca-Cola?! Office supply stores like this one ought to get out of the junk food business. (Staples, Washington, DC, 12/14)

What is a store like Best Buy doing selling soda and other sugary drinks? (Best Buy, Washington, DC, 7/14)

Who says healthy checkout has to be serious? We like these googly eyes novelty items. (Ace Hardware, Washington, DC, 11/14)

With frosty weather descending upon many parts of the United States, gloves make a practical & healthy choice for checkout. (Ace Hardware, Washington, DC, 11/14)

Last time we visited an Ace Hardware store, there was loads of candy at checkout. Imagine our surprise when this time it was 100% non-food merchandise, like these USB chargers and Wet Wipes! (Ace Hardware, Washington, DC, 11/14)

Craft supplies and ... junk food?! What's a fabric store doing selling candy at checkout? (Jo-Ann Fabric, Mountain View, CA, 11/14)

This "family-friendly" aisle includes Slim Jims, sweetened coffee drinks, sugared cranberries, and baby junk food that contains more sugar than apples. A true family-friendly aisle would stick to fresh and unsweetened dried fruit, veggies, and water. (Giant, Washington, DC, 10/14)

Across 30 grocery stores and other retailers, we found that candy, gum, energy bars, chips, cookies, soda, and other sugar drinks comprise the majority of food and beverages at checkout. Click through for our report.

(Un)Healthy Checkout

Funyuns, beef jerky, and candy add up to an unhealthy checkout. Walmart, you can do better! (Walmart, Washington, DC, 9/14)

Supercenters like Walmart carry a lot of non-food merchandise that would be great at checkout. Isn't it a shame that most of the registers look like this, loaded with chips and cookies instead? (Walmart, Washington, DC, 9/14)

Hospitals promote health and wellness. So why is this one pushing ice cream at checkout in its cafeteria? (Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, 9/14)

Unfortunately, this Home Depot pushes candy at checkout. No one comes to a home improvement store for candy--so why's it there? (Home Depot, Bethesda, MD, 9/14)

This Home Depot offers batteries and gadgets at checkout. If this photo is any indication, nonfood items like this sell well! (Home Depot, Washington, DC, 7/14)

These Starbucks drinks are loaded with sugar. Walmart, please promote water or seltzer instead. (Walmart Supercenter, Bechtelsville, PA, 8/14)

Looking for protein-on-the-go? Slim Jims are an unhealthy choice. Walmart, you can do better! (Walmart Supercenter, Bechtelsville, PA, 8/14)

In the UK, shoppers give cashiers cards to indicate whether the checkout aisle is healthy or not. Healthy checkouts pass; junk food aisles fail.

What is a clothing store like Old Navy doing pushing Air Heads, Pop Rocks, and Juicy Drop Pops at checkout? Clothing stores should sell clothes, not food. (Old Navy, Washington, DC, 7/14)

We're disappointed to see that Giant's family checkout aisle is loaded with chips and candy. Family-friendly ought to mean 100% healthy food choices or else toys, books, and games. (Giant, Washington, DC, 7/14)

Thanks to CVS for urging its customers to "go nuts" for single-serve nuts at checkout. Nuts can be part of a healthy checkout. (CVS, Washington, DC, 7/14)

Bed Bath and Beyond sells Milky Way candy bars at checkout. We think they should stick to kitchen gadgets instead. (Bed Bath and Beyond, Washington, DC, 7/14)