Trees- Beautiful idea of nature and the components that make up this photo such as the sun, trees, sky, shadows, etc.

Love llamas

Llamas in the mist. If LLamas or Alpacas are kept on their own they literally die of loneliness. This is the reason why you will always see them with a mate or two.

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copper + white

bikes—hand-built copper bicycle by Joost Olsthoorn of Olsthoorn Cycles

fun idea for best friend photo shoot or any kind of shoot really

* wit + delight

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Officially called the 'Volkswagen Type the roomy VW bus/van can make you feel like going on a long road trip, camping and beach bumming the entire way. Although it's a famous icon for hippies and surfers, it's really a nostalgic vehicle for everyone.

Either this is one adorable christmas family photo shoot, or it's one dangerously packed car.