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Peter Tchaikovsky created the height of romantic music. His sounds swell with ecstasy and subside with sweet shimmering. Listen below to the opening of his beloved violin concerto.

Johannes Brahms - beautiful melodies and romantic music. Always a bachelor, he fell in love with his best friend's (Robert Schuman) wife. It is said that his music expresses unrequited love.

Leonard Bernstein - man of passion, great communicator and advocate for classical music. He was a cultural icon in America. Listen to these TWO performances:

Itzhak Perlman: "I let my fingers do the walking and dancing."

Amadeus Mozart - a very important composer; his music soars and cries. Listen to the wonderful piano concerto below.

Johann Sebastian Bach - unsurpassed accomplishment of beauty and joy. Listen below to his Brandenburg Concerti.

Ludwig Beethoven - a colosal giant. Listen, below, to his masterpiece "Ode to Joy" from the end of his Ninth Symphony. Joy, he felt, was never to be his ... and written when he was deaf! His tragic life gave us everlasting gifts.


Practice, practice, practice!

By Caleb Pirtle III. He was just a country boy in jeans and boots, and he carried a guitar, which made him hardly any different from the hundreds of others who walked the streets of Nashville, night after night, hoping to sing a song or write a song or have someone pitch them a song. Their minds were filled with the pain of love ­– lost, found, misguided, handed down, or thrown away, trying to figure out how to make the lines of their poems rhyme with such words as momma, rain and and trucks.

Historical fiction

Les Paul and Paul McCartney