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two homeless children Warsaw Ghetto winter 1940-41

Bergen Belsen, Germany, Former prisoners lying in the women's camp, after the liberation.

WWII: The morning after a direct hit by a high explosive bomb on St. Matthew's Hospital, Shoreditch, in London, on Oct. 9, 1940. In spite of the night's experiences nurses are on the job rescuing blankets and other bedding from among the debris.

Circus Elephants used to clear bomb damage, Hamburg, November 1945. I did not know that elephants were used for this kind of work.

Eight year old coal miner, USA, early 1900’s.

Ruth Law. Bought her first airplane from Orville Wright in 1912 at age 21. First woman to do a loop-de-loop. First woman authorized to wear a uniform by the U.S. Military.

A mother holds her newborn baby in the Kovno (Lithuania) Ghetto hospital. A Jewish star is sewn onto the child's blanket, marking the baby for probable death just minutes after he or she was born. Of the 30,000 original residents of the Kovno Ghetto, which was established in the summer of 1941, less than 10% survived.

Jewish prisoners at the moment of their liberation from a death train near the Elbe. These people were snatched from death - this child.... Photograph by Major Clarence L. Benjamin. Germany, April 1945.

Circus Pierrot with a Dog Circa 1907

Rock-cut tombs in Myra, an ancient town in Lycia, Turkey

Last Luncheon Menu from the Titanic April 14,1912. with all due respect to the passengers.

Dorothy Day with her prison dress. On November 1917 Day went to prison for being one of forty women in front of the White House protesting women's exclusion from the electorate.

Illustration of the phases of the moon from the 17th-century gem Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae (The Great Art of Light and Shadow).

Election letter of Queen Margaret, 1388, Denmark

1909 flower specimen

Ralph C. Lincoln, 11th generation Lincoln, 3rd cousin of Abraham

Runes, Norway 15th C


The July 1889 a find in Nampa, Idaho, of a small human figure during a well-drilling operation caused intense scientific interest last century. Unmistakably made by human hands, it was found at a depth (320’) which would place its age far before the arrival of man in this part of the world. The find has never been challenged except to say that it was impossible.

vintage studio portrait of boys and girls, 1916

Antique Tibetan Bone Seal Bead

(Three-year-old Eileen Dunne in her bed at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children. She was injured in an air raid on London in September 1940.)

A 15th century love token... How enchanting.

Child Workers before labor laws

Children in their award winning fairy costumes show off their trophies, c. early 1900s