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Miller wears a special helmet to accommodate her camera as a war correspondent in World War II. by juffrouwjo, via Flickr

1st December 1943: Soviet trench warfare on the Eastern front

Soviet troops in trench somewhere in Russia.

A soviet casualty being evacuated on a dogsled.

Japanese submarine I-10 at Penang port in 1942

Romanian prisoners of war captured during the encirclement of Stalingrad.

German, Romanian and Italian PoWs captured during Operation Uranus

The ‘Big Three’ – Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met at Tehran at the end of November 1943.

Winston Churchill with President Roosevelt and Marshal Stalin at a dinner party at the British Legation in Tehran on the occasion of Churchi...

Soviet marines. Sebastopol, 1942

Soviet Marines land near Kerch, November 1943

Russian gun fires during the Battle of Stalingrad.

USS PT-105 running at high speed, during exercises off the U.S. East Coast with other units of Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Five, 12 July 194...

MTB 511, underway at speed, coastal waters.

From the bridge of an MTB showing the aft Bofors gun and MTB 378 at speed astern in the Mediterranean. These vessels were part of a small fo...

Hitler with his Armaments Minister Albert Speer.

Sgt Jake McNiece of the 101st Airborne Division, ready to drop into Normandy, June 1944.

Waffen SS troops from the Totenkopf Division.

The frozen corpse of a German soldier is used as an impromptu street sign near the front line - Eastern Front, 1942

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World War II, Sergeant Edward T. Spetch, Sergeant Vernon Nelson, Flying Fortress gunners carefully clean their .50 caliber machine guns at a U.S. Army Air Force airbase in the New Hebrides, circa 1942.

Princess Elizabeth, (the future Queen Elizabeth II), visiting Grenadier Guards, England, 1944.

1941- Russian Intelligence Officers Question Captured German Soldier

George “Buzz” Beurling, most successful Canadian fighter pilot of WWII.

A Crusader II tank of the 9th Queen's Royal Lancers, 2nd Armoured Brigade, 1st Armoured Division, moving at speed, 5 November 1942.