Wildlife at highways

A look at the wildlife-highway interface and how transportation agencies try to mitigate hazards & protect both animals and humans
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Washington County's tunnel has helped several species cross under Highway 4 safely. From top left clockwise: painted turtle, snapping turtle, mink, ducks. “Last August, our first snapping turtle come through,” county park manager Peter Mott says. “This June, a lot more came through. So yes, turtles are using the turtle tunnel.”

Stopping car-wildlife collisions


Comfortable migration Prefabricated openings in the solid top of the Climate tunnel are different to drainage gratings and maintain stable air-pressure conditions within the tunnel. The climate openings also ensure that the temperature and relative humidity in the tunnel match ambient external conditions, and slow down the movement of air in the tunnel. Foxes, hedgehogs, mice and other small animals also feel comfortable using the tunnel.

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These beautiful bridges are just for animals

These beautiful bridges are just for animals


wildlife crossing

Crossing Over: Modular Green Wildlife Bridge Concept - WebEcoist


Chinese Wildlife Corridor -- "Sustainable Design takes into account the human interaction with other species. It fosters healthy cohabitation, which does not contaminate the natural world, and it creates corridors by which animals can still follow their natural migration patterns, despite urban proliferation." - Jo Anna Nedergaard

China's Landscape Architects Undo the Damage


Man-Made Animal Crossings, from Bat Bridges to Toad Tunnels | Atlas Obscura

Man-Made Animal Crossings, from Bat Bridges to Toad Tunnels


wildlife overpass: Alberta, Canada, 1999 Photography by Joel Sartore”

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ARC: International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition Finalists: Balmori Associates with StudioMDA, Knippers Helbig Inc., David Skelly, CITA, Bluegreen, John A. Martin & Associates, and David Langdon

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Bat crossing sign, near Calakmul, Mexico

20 Animal Crossing Signs - Travel For Wildlife


HIGHWAYS, WILDLIFE, AND MITIGATION MEASURES: photos related to highways, wildlife and mitigation measures and other road ecology topics. The images are of animals alive on the road, animals killed by cars, and of mitigation measures that are designed to reduce the number of wildlife-vehicle collisions...

Highways, wildlife, and mitigation measures


Wildlife Crossing: Web-Connected Cameras Offer Improved Monitoring for Highways | Blurbs | Main

Wildlife Crossing: Web-Connected Cameras Offer Improved Monitoring for Highways | Blurbs | Main


This report introduces & guides the application of a risk-based approach to wildlife hazard management (WHM) programs and outlines additional steps for integrating programs into an airport’s Safety Management System. A customizable tool on CD-ROM includes a summary of existing database wildlife hazard descriptions; Numerical values for hazard severity and likelihood by species, derived from the FAA Wildlife Strike Database and a risk analysis template

Applying an SMS Approach to Wildlife Hazard Management | Blurbs | Main


October-November 2015.. Deer are migrating now. This informational video is from Oregon DOT ~YouTube

Deer: "Hot Spots for Mobile Devices"


Oct.2015 Virginia DOT report on preventing deer and black bear collisions

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TRB Committee on Ecology & Transportation Newsletter, Sep. 2015: addresses "... a study of the importance of verges as a habitat and enhancer of biodiversity... the completion of the Kitt Peak wildlife underpass on the Tohono O'odham Nation, Arizona; a new programmatic consultation for the Indiana Band & Norther Long-Eared Bat; and a roadkill mitigation success story in South Africa & trends and issues in marine transportation and the environment.

Committee on Ecology and Transportation Newsletter: September 2015 | Blurbs | Main


TxDOT Publications for kids: "Endangered Species and TxDOT" and more

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CTR Library UT Austin

New research from Virginia: "The subject animal detection system... detects the crossing of large and medium-sized animals and provides data on their location along the length of the [300-m-long buried] cable. The system... generates an invisible electromagnetic detection field around buried cables. When the detection field is perturbed, an alarm is declared and the location of the intrusion is determined....

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A traffic sign that does not show up in the Texas MUTCD : "No Elephants passing through"

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[VIDEO] Animal Bridges: Life Saving Wildlife Crossings HD 2014: Banff National Park Alberta, Canada; Modular Green Wildlife Bridge Concept; ARC International Wildlife Crossing Competition; Highway A50, Netherlands Wildlife Crossing, France Birkenau, Germany; E314, Belgium; Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana; Borkeld, The Netherlands; Watchung Reservation, New Jersey; Keechelus Lake, Washington

Animal Bridges - Life Saving Wildlife Crossings HD 2014


[VIDEO] A Wild Way to Move: "As you travel through Banff National Park animals are travelling too -- over your roof and under your wheels. Wildlife crossing structures and highway fencing in Banff National Park have reduced large animal deaths by more than 80%. So which animals adopted crossing structures first? Who prefers overpasses versus underpasses?

A Wild Way to Move


[VIDEO] WYDOT Crossing Structures Conserving Wildlife

WYDOT Crossing Structures Conserving Wildlife


VIDEO: ADOT's Environmental Stewardship During Migratory Bird Season "Arizona takes measures to prevent the disturbance of active nests within the right of way. This video highlights how ADOT maintains its roads and structures while also taking care of the surrounding natural resources."

ADOT's Environmental Stewardship During Migratory Bird Season


Highway Crossing Structures for Wildlife [VIDEO]: In order to prevent automobile/wildlife collisions and to increase habitat availability for animals, Wildlife biologists and the Utah Department of Transportation have designed and installed several overpasses and underpasses to allow wild animals to safely cross the highway.

Highway Crossing Structures for Wildlife


Evaluation of Measures to Promote Desert Bighorn Sheep Highway Permeability: U.S. Route 93 (Arizona)

Evaluation of Measures to Promote Desert Bighorn Sheep Highway Permeability: U.S. Route 93 - Transport Research International Documentation - TRID


US State DOT Wildlife Crossing Structures: Roads and highways encroach on wildlife habitats, increasing the risk of vehicle/wildlife interactions and posing a danger, not only to the wildlife, but often to drivers as well... This guide identifies many of the studies and guidelines currently in use by transportation agencies. Photo: FHWA overpass

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