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Sam Tse
Sam Tse
Sam Tse

Sam Tse

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

this is Americanism......

ONE OK ROCK - 35xxxv

everybody is searching for something.

how to grow big papayas.

凛として時雨 - Best of Tornado

a ridiculous true story...seriously kidding...

idiot or genius, you define.

still a man.

Love hurts the great.

Mr.Children-足音 ~Be Strong 01. 足音 ~Be Strong 02. 放たれる 03. Melody


if it is not about money...

Life need times, romance just need a touch.

legend makes hero, hero makes legend.

everybody has a brain, but not everybody use it.

you may not know is it a good movie in the first half an hour, but you can know it is a bad one in the first 5mins...

I'm yours, and I'm not yours.

find a reason.


Stupid "Creator"

money no proud.

feeling tranced after watching...

slowly slowly touching.

The less educated have more sense of justice.