Cucumber Cool

Cucumber Cool

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Yoga poses to tone detox the body ~ Follow up with a delicious vegan protein shake with Arbonne Essentials

These crispy fried shrimp are tossed in a most delicious buttery hot sauce and served with tangy blue cheese dip, just like chicken wings.

There are two things every party should have: salsa and guacamole. This roasted chile salsa is seriously good. Yes … five jalapeños sounds like a lot but don’t worry, roasting them under the broiler knocks down the heat considerably.

Instead of a chicken salad that's loaded with mayo, this one's based on Greek yogurt and is loaded with fresh veggies.

Crunchy Chickpeas (imagine salt and vinegar chickpeas): In the region around Corum in Turkey, young and old alike munch a curiously crunchable concoction called leblebi and the recipe is slighly time-consuming. Luckily there is a faster and easier way to make.