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Δimitris Alepoudeas

Δimitris Alepoudeas
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When the weather is nice, the windows of this cafe are opened up and people can choose whether they want to sit inside or on the extended sill that allows people to interact with the street.

10 Unique Coffee Shops In Asia / JJA/Bespoke Architecture designed Elephant Grounds, a coffee shop in Hong Kong that emphasizes indoor-outdoor engagement thanks to it's design that opens out onto the street to encourage interaction between the people in t

mid century modern

mid century modern - I own this. It is perfect in my dining room. The lower left cabinet holds my wine in a little rack and the upper right holds the bar. The little slot on the right hand corner above the drawers is perfect for the Phaidon atlas of archi

Walnut Mid-Century Scandinavian bedside Table / Nightstand in solid Walnut board , retro legs made of solid oak or walnut

The classic design of our walnut nightstand reflects mid century modern with its clean lines and tapered legs. Its double-tier design has an open

Art Symphony: A touch of colour in a scandinavian house

Another painted rug. these are becoming more and more tempting despite what I've heard about the painful process