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Using a weird hole in your house (here a nook above a fireplace - she put a picture gallery to conceal... very cute!)

To cover the ugly TV hole above our fireplace. She added a door with storage! Maybe a door with hinges but made from shutters?

School supplies

Love the craft box on the table. Cutest Farmhouse Ever @ DaisyMaeBelle: Love the rustic art holder contrasted with the candy coloured art supplies :)


How to hang a picture w/ two hangers: Put tape on the picture. Put tape on the wall using a level. Attach picture hangers to the wall according to the marks. Pull off the tape. Hang the picture!

Giving kids a schedule for playtime, chores and summer homework

Giving kids a schedule for playtime, chores and summer homework. I would really love to be able to make this happen. Kids thrive on schedules and clear expectations. But spontaneity always seems to win out in my house. Such a great summertime schedule!

Small Space Storage Solutions

How to make it: For a table, use bookcases and a countertop. The countertop should be the same width as the bookcase. Long countertops will need a center support. Attach the counter to the bookcases using L brackets.