Best method for removing nail polish

Best ever method of removing nail polish. Rip up cotton balls into little pieces, wet with nail polish remover and place on nails. Leave on minutes, take another cotton piece and slide the wet cotton off. Nail polish should come off in one piece.

A list of 40 Cruelty-Free and Vegan Nail Polish Brands!

40 Cruelty Free and Vegan Nail Polish Brands

List of cruelty free and vegan nail polish brands updated no animal testing or ingredients. Find the right cruelty free vegan nail polish for you


Ombre Nails Paint your nails white and wait till they're completely dry. Chose two or three colors that would look good together, and apply them to a make-up sponge. Sponge the color onto your nail. Apply a top coat to blend the colors together.

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A-England Perceval | Live Love Polish


A-England: ⭐ Perceval ⭐ . a shimmering deep ruby RED nail polish (from The Mythicals Collection)

A-England Rose Bower | Live Love Polish

Rose Bower

A-England Rose Bower Nail Polish (Burne-Jones Dream Collection)

Pandorica  Rory Williams and  Doctor Who inspired by DigitalNails, $13.00

Pandorica : Rory Williams and Doctor Who inspired black linear holographic nail polish by Digital Nails

Emily de Molly Wrong Side Of Heaven

Emily de Molly Wrong Side Of Heaven

Emily de Molly: ❤ Wrong Side of Heaven ❤ . a fiery RED holographic nail polish